Specialty Coffee Connoisseurs.

Coffee Me. Specialty Coffee Connoisseurs

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When learning about the coffee company Coffee Me, the words that seem to embody that company are quality, variety, and environmentally responsible. Coffee Me is a unique coffee company in that it meticulously focuses on offering quality coffee for wide range of needs. The company offers a variety of coffee blends, single origins, and even Nespresso compatible capsules. The coffee blends that are available can be described as having flavors such as cinnamon, floral, tangerine, chocolate, and even plum. Talk about a multitude of options for the taste buds! In addition to the actual coffee, Coffee Me also provides brand development, contract roasting, and coffee equipment. A common question that would be asked is, “Are they for businesses or individuals primarily?” Well, the answer is both. They are able to provide quality coffee for businesses such as cafes or restaurants and also sell to individuals for personal enjoyment. Coffee Me accommodates different customer needs, and has proven to also be conscious of Mother Nature. Coffee Me is environmentally responsible in that their Nespresso coffee capsules are 100% recyclable. They will also soon be biodegradable. Even better!

If you’re interested in taking a look at all that Coffee Me has to provide, feel free to click the link below.CoffeeMe_1KGBag-S11.png







 Sam's Club

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