PINKAVA Coffee Co.

PINKAVA Coffee Co. - Supporting Breast Cancer One Roast at a Time

PINKAVA Coffee Co. is not only an ethically sourced coffee company with amazingly fresh, flavorful coffee, but it also has an empowering story. It is a micro-roastery that is based out of Maryland. The company is woman owned and operated. PINKAVA’s mission is to create awareness of breast cancer and give back 10% of its proceeds toward breast cancer research and early detection programs. If women empowerment and a beneficial cause is not reason enough to try out PINKAVA Coffee Co. (which it is), it is advantageous to note that the coffee is sourced from organic beans, is chemical-free, and it is packaged with recycled, biodegradable materials.

There is a vast variety of coffee available on their web page including single origin, half-caffeinated, decaffeinated, and limited edition blends. I had the wonderful opportunity to try both limited edition blends, “naughty” and “nice”. Both have robust flavors with underlying notes, but are vastly different. “Nice” is described as velvety, sweet with notes of toasted marshmallow. This blend, I found, paired beautifully with a touch of cream in order to accent it’s rich, sweet delicacies. “Naughty” on the other hand, is described as bold, spicy with notes of clove. The freshness and diversity of flavors with both limited edition blends provides an opportunity for everyone to enjoy.

In order to support this charity driven, ethically focused company, feel free to check them out!                Instagram@pinkavacoffee     

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