Coffee Over Cardio

Coffee Over Cardio is a female developed and owned company which focuses on creating fresh, flavorful coffee for women who need the energy to get everything done! The coffee offered includes 4 varying blends. The first is “Flourish”, which is a medium roast captioned as “island breeze”. The next offered is “#WorkFlow”. This is a high caffeinated dark roast meant for those that need that extra jolt to keep them going through those hectic days. The third is “Saturdaze”, a light roast, which is described as “Chocolate Donut Coffee”. This sounds absolutely scrumptious for anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth. The fourth blend is “Messy Bun” and is noted as “Cinnamon Bun Coffee”. I had the opportunity to taste “Messy Bun”. I have always enjoyed the cinnamon flavor in my coffee but had often found that coffee would end up tasting synthetic or leave a strange after taste in my mouth. However, this coffee was purely flavorful and it’s depth of cinnamon had me making multiple cups in the morning. This blend has rapidly become part of my regular coffee selection. Besides the coffee being ridiculously tasty, the packaging and overall branding is aesthetically pleasing! On the back of the coffee bag, there is an insightful and humorous blurb about each specific coffee blend. On the back of “Messy Bun”, part of the description reads, “…made for allll the boss babes focused on self growth, business, and booty growth.” How fun is that?!

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Coffee Over Cardio features not only coffee, but mugs, apparel, and a monthly subscription option. If you’re looking to support a female owned business which delivers a robust flavor, feel free to check out their link below.



Coffee Over Cardio:

“Messy Bun” Coffee:



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