Hygge Coffee

Hygge Coffee Company is a unique collaboration of sustainable coffee farms from around the globe and specially chosen beans. This combination creates a wide variety of coffee blends and flavor notes. Hyggee currently offers eight different blends which includes decaffeinated, light, medium, and dark roasts. Each of the 12 ounce coffee bags starting at $16.00 which is an absolute steal for the flavor and freshness found inside. There are a multitude of options for purchase with each blend including whole bean, ground for drip, and ground for french press. The coffee can be purchased from their website along with on Amazon which makes for convenient coffee shopping. In addition to the one time purchase option, the coffee can also be purchased via subscription on the website.

I had the pleasure of taste testing the Burundi light roast. This blend includes flavor notes of lemon, Asian pear, plum, caramel, and berry. I tried the coffee first black and then added a teaspoon of cream. The cream mixed with the sweet and rich flavors of the coffee cultivated a delicious, light coffee for any day of the week. Beyond the robust flavors, this coffee offers ethical benefits. This roast originates from Burundi, Africa and aids in the improvement of local communities. This coffee does so by paying above average coffee premiums, planting of new coffee trees, and the use of organic fertilizers.

Check out Hygge Coffee!

https://hyggecoffeeco.com/       Instagram: hygge_coffee

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