Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Co.

Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Company is a Canada based coffee company with a truly beautiful story behind their name. The name “Mugging Whales” was inspired by their trip to Maui where they were fortunate enough to witness humpback whales while on the water. “Maui mugging” or “whale mugging” refers to the rule that boaters must remain 100 yards from the Whales and turn off their boats until the whales decide to move. What an incredible story behind the name!

Mugging Whales offers a wide range of coffees to suite any coffee drinkers palate. I received the Sumatra Gayo Mountain blend, which is described as a medium to dark blend with notes of chocolate and spice. It blended well on the palette with a hint of heavy cream and it’s low acidity provided a smooth drinking experience.

All of the coffee roasted is ethically sourced and roasted in small batches only! (If you needed another reason to try this coffee company).

Links for their website and Instagram are below:

Instagram: muggingwhalescoffee

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