Chocolate Holler – Chocolate & Coffee Bar

I visited Chocolate Holler in Lexington, Kentucky several weekends ago. I was in search of a unique, modern coffee shop to quench my thirst for iced coffee. Walking into the coffee shop, I was immediately met with sweet aromas of chocolate and sites of people chatting in industrial style chairs. The lighting was dim, giving a relaxing atmosphere. While gazing at the menu, I noticed a multitude of hot and iced chocolates with a few to note such as honey bear and snicker doodle. Of course, there was the more traditional coffee options present such as a cold brew and a latte. I was overwhelmed with all of the delicious possibilities but I eventually chose an iced mocha. The chocolate notes were pleasant without being overbearing. With the modern twist of coffee that Chocolate Holler provides, along with the calming atmosphere, it is a must to experience!

Check Chocolate Holler out:

Instagram: @chocolateholler

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