Iced Coffee Always

“Iced coffee is my love language.”

The quote above is one of those ridiculously corny yet delightful coffee quotes seen on Pinterest or on a coffee shop window sign. Despite the slightly silly nature of the quote, I wholeheartedly believe that iced coffee (rather coffee in general) has the power to create a mood and elevate any dinner party, girlfriends’ brunch, or cozy Sunday morning.

Iced coffee is a personal staple in my morning routine. Coffee is a comfort, a consistency, and a minute pleasure within my morning. While I wouldn’t necessarily turn down a hot cup of joe, I vastly prefer the refreshing nature of iced coffee. There is something *almost* spiritual about mixing the cream, coffee, and ice together for the perfect blend of flavor and chill. Iced coffee can stirred with a multitude of flavorings, milks, and sugars to create your ideal flavor pairing. My favorite method for preparing my iced coffee is with about two to three tablespoons of half and half creamer and a generous handful of ice. I believe myself to be a purist in a sense because I enjoy being able to still taste the bold, bitter notes that coffee provides.

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