My Perfect Cold Brew

With temperatures creeping into the 60s and 70s, iced coffee is feeling especially appropriate. Below I walk you through each step of my simple iced coffee recipe. Feel free to add a flavored syrup or a simple sugar for more of a sweet note.

I use a cold brewer to create the perfect intensity of cold brew. After it is brewed, I let it steep with the brew coffee grounds for at least a few hours. After the brew has sat for several hours, I strain the grounds from the brew.

I freeze both regular ice cubes and coffee cubes for my cold brew because I absolutely can’t stand how coffee gets watered down and melted if it is not consumed immediately. As the coffee cubes begin to thaw, the coffee’s intensity and flavor stay consistent.

I usually use a mason jar and put 1 coffee cube and 1 ice cube at the bottom. Then, I pour my coffee over.

For those of you who do not have a milk frother, it is a definite must-buy. I froth half and half and proceed to pour it over my brew.

The ending product is a creamy, flavorful cold brew!

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