The primary vision for my blog is to provide an inspiring outlet for creativity and to cultivate conversation with fellow coffee lovers.


As a graduate student and an educator,  I have found coffee to not only be a necessity in my life, but also a stress relief and an outlet for creative creations. Understanding the art of making coffee has been an evolving interest of mine ever since I started to drink it regularly in college. I have the most fond memories of studying in college in a quaint coffee shop on my campus. The wood burning fireplace and the view of falling snow created a sense of warmth that allowed for creativity and comfort.

Let’s chat!

Diana Messer ———– ———– instagram@coffeewifeky

Below are several of the companies I have collaborated with!

Nest Bedding, Inc.

PINKAVA Coffee Co. - Supporting Breast Cancer One Roast at a Time

Sam's Club -IOS


Image result for coffee me ltd

Pacifiica Bracelets

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Dr Brandt Skincare

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