My Perfect Cold Brew

With temperatures creeping into the 60s and 70s, iced coffee is feeling especially appropriate. Below I walk you through each step of my simple iced coffee recipe. Feel free to add a flavored syrup or a simple sugar for more of a sweet note.

I use a cold brewer to create the perfect intensity of cold brew. After it is brewed, I let it steep with the brew coffee grounds for at least a few hours. After the brew has sat for several hours, I strain the grounds from the brew.

I freeze both regular ice cubes and coffee cubes for my cold brew because I absolutely can’t stand how coffee gets watered down and melted if it is not consumed immediately. As the coffee cubes begin to thaw, the coffee’s intensity and flavor stay consistent.

I usually use a mason jar and put 1 coffee cube and 1 ice cube at the bottom. Then, I pour my coffee over.

For those of you who do not have a milk frother, it is a definite must-buy. I froth half and half and proceed to pour it over my brew.

The ending product is a creamy, flavorful cold brew!

Iced Coffee Always

“Iced coffee is my love language.”

The quote above is one of those ridiculously corny yet delightful coffee quotes seen on Pinterest or on a coffee shop window sign. Despite the slightly silly nature of the quote, I wholeheartedly believe that iced coffee (rather coffee in general) has the power to create a mood and elevate any dinner party, girlfriends’ brunch, or cozy Sunday morning.

Iced coffee is a personal staple in my morning routine. Coffee is a comfort, a consistency, and a minute pleasure within my morning. While I wouldn’t necessarily turn down a hot cup of joe, I vastly prefer the refreshing nature of iced coffee. There is something *almost* spiritual about mixing the cream, coffee, and ice together for the perfect blend of flavor and chill. Iced coffee can stirred with a multitude of flavorings, milks, and sugars to create your ideal flavor pairing. My favorite method for preparing my iced coffee is with about two to three tablespoons of half and half creamer and a generous handful of ice. I believe myself to be a purist in a sense because I enjoy being able to still taste the bold, bitter notes that coffee provides.

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Chocolate Holler – Chocolate & Coffee Bar

I visited Chocolate Holler in Lexington, Kentucky several weekends ago. I was in search of a unique, modern coffee shop to quench my thirst for iced coffee. Walking into the coffee shop, I was immediately met with sweet aromas of chocolate and sites of people chatting in industrial style chairs. The lighting was dim, giving a relaxing atmosphere. While gazing at the menu, I noticed a multitude of hot and iced chocolates with a few to note such as honey bear and snicker doodle. Of course, there was the more traditional coffee options present such as a cold brew and a latte. I was overwhelmed with all of the delicious possibilities but I eventually chose an iced mocha. The chocolate notes were pleasant without being overbearing. With the modern twist of coffee that Chocolate Holler provides, along with the calming atmosphere, it is a must to experience!

Check Chocolate Holler out:

Instagram: @chocolateholler

Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Co.

Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Company is a Canada based coffee company with a truly beautiful story behind their name. The name “Mugging Whales” was inspired by their trip to Maui where they were fortunate enough to witness humpback whales while on the water. “Maui mugging” or “whale mugging” refers to the rule that boaters must remain 100 yards from the Whales and turn off their boats until the whales decide to move. What an incredible story behind the name!

Mugging Whales offers a wide range of coffees to suite any coffee drinkers palate. I received the Sumatra Gayo Mountain blend, which is described as a medium to dark blend with notes of chocolate and spice. It blended well on the palette with a hint of heavy cream and it’s low acidity provided a smooth drinking experience.

All of the coffee roasted is ethically sourced and roasted in small batches only! (If you needed another reason to try this coffee company).

Links for their website and Instagram are below:

Instagram: muggingwhalescoffee

Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co. is a Virginia based company that strives to provide carefully and ethically crafted coffee to consumers. Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co.’s hosts informative, interactive events to involve community members in the coffee brewing circle.

Each of Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting coffee blends have a unique blend of flavor notes that dance ever so delicately on your tongue. The blend that I am featuring is Black Dog. It boasts flavors such as blueberry and mango. It is truly a delight to taste and pairs well with a breakfast scone.

Instagram: blanchardscoffee

City Girl Coffee Co.


City Girl Coffee Co.

“Empowering Women of Coffee”

At first glance, City Girl Coffee Co. is a chic, modern take on coffee. Upon closer inspection, it is so much more. City Girl Coffee Co. is a Minnesota based coffee company specializing in raising awareness for equality of women. The company is a certified women owned business and proudly practices the values that it supports. The company also emphasizes being responsibly sourced and traded in fairness. With every coffee purchase, a portion of the coffee sale allows the support of non-profit organizations that empower women all over the world.

When receiving a promotional package from City Girl Coffee Co., I was thrilled to taste the coffee with such a beneficial story and cause behind it. Upon opening the package, I was given four different roasts, along with a City Girl Coffee Co. mug and cards that provided a bit more information about the company. The coffee bags that I received were “Blondie: Brazil Fazenda Helena”, “Breakfast Blend”, “Organic Guatemala Cafe Femenino”, and “Sumatra Adsenia Triple Pick”. Each of the blends had a distinct flavor combination mixed with the consistency of freshness with each one. The packaging of their coffee is aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. On the side of each bag of coffee, you will see origin information about that particular roast. Understanding and connecting where my coffee is being grown and who is growing shows a deeper level of commitment to the industry that I had not seen very often. To make the bag even more personalized and authentic, the bottom has the roast date on it so you can guarantee how fresh the coffee is!

City Girl Coffee Co. offers a wide range of purchasing options on their website. There are eleven diverse blends of coffee to chose from that range in options such as buying a whole bean roast, ground roast, singe serve cups, or a gift box set.

Check out City Girl Coffee Co.


Instagram: citygirlcoffee


Pottery & Coffee

I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Dirty South Pottery and visiting the Dirty South Pottery store in Winchester, Kentucky. The company was created by a husband and wife team focused on combining every day art, and southern culture into their ceramic masterpieces. Dirty South Pottery has a store in Winchester KY, but also an Etsy shop so that you can enjoy their art work from anywhere. Their products consist of a range of household items such as coffee mugs, dinnerware sets, pour overs, and pots. I had the absolute pleasure of receiving of a hand made pour over set and coffee mug from Dirty South Pottery and I can honestly say that the new pour over set has become part of my morning coffee ritual. Experiencing the store in person is truly a beautiful experience. From the organization and aesthetics of the shop, to the welcoming atmosphere of the owners.

Below are Dirty South’s links. Check out their beautiful pieces!
Instagram: dirtysouthpottery

Hygge Coffee

Hygge Coffee Company is a unique collaboration of sustainable coffee farms from around the globe and specially chosen beans. This combination creates a wide variety of coffee blends and flavor notes. Hyggee currently offers eight different blends which includes decaffeinated, light, medium, and dark roasts. Each of the 12 ounce coffee bags starting at $16.00 which is an absolute steal for the flavor and freshness found inside. There are a multitude of options for purchase with each blend including whole bean, ground for drip, and ground for french press. The coffee can be purchased from their website along with on Amazon which makes for convenient coffee shopping. In addition to the one time purchase option, the coffee can also be purchased via subscription on the website.

I had the pleasure of taste testing the Burundi light roast. This blend includes flavor notes of lemon, Asian pear, plum, caramel, and berry. I tried the coffee first black and then added a teaspoon of cream. The cream mixed with the sweet and rich flavors of the coffee cultivated a delicious, light coffee for any day of the week. Beyond the robust flavors, this coffee offers ethical benefits. This roast originates from Burundi, Africa and aids in the improvement of local communities. This coffee does so by paying above average coffee premiums, planting of new coffee trees, and the use of organic fertilizers.

Check out Hygge Coffee!       Instagram: hygge_coffee

Coffee Over Cardio

Coffee Over Cardio is a female developed and owned company which focuses on creating fresh, flavorful coffee for women who need the energy to get everything done! The coffee offered includes 4 varying blends. The first is “Flourish”, which is a medium roast captioned as “island breeze”. The next offered is “#WorkFlow”. This is a high caffeinated dark roast meant for those that need that extra jolt to keep them going through those hectic days. The third is “Saturdaze”, a light roast, which is described as “Chocolate Donut Coffee”. This sounds absolutely scrumptious for anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth. The fourth blend is “Messy Bun” and is noted as “Cinnamon Bun Coffee”. I had the opportunity to taste “Messy Bun”. I have always enjoyed the cinnamon flavor in my coffee but had often found that coffee would end up tasting synthetic or leave a strange after taste in my mouth. However, this coffee was purely flavorful and it’s depth of cinnamon had me making multiple cups in the morning. This blend has rapidly become part of my regular coffee selection. Besides the coffee being ridiculously tasty, the packaging and overall branding is aesthetically pleasing! On the back of the coffee bag, there is an insightful and humorous blurb about each specific coffee blend. On the back of “Messy Bun”, part of the description reads, “…made for allll the boss babes focused on self growth, business, and booty growth.” How fun is that?!

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Coffee Over Cardio features not only coffee, but mugs, apparel, and a monthly subscription option. If you’re looking to support a female owned business which delivers a robust flavor, feel free to check out their link below.



Coffee Over Cardio:

“Messy Bun” Coffee:



Sudden Coffee

Sudden Coffee

Sudden Coffee delivers quality crystallized coffee with fresh flavor. The company’s mission is to provide amazing coffee that everyone can easily experience. It is pure in it’s ingredients , only containing coffee, voiding itself of any chemicals or preservatives. In addition to being committed to having a pure product, Sudden Coffee searches for the highest quality beans that are ethically sourced. Each serving of coffee is individually encapsulated under nitrogen in order to preserve it’s freshness. It is also easy to take one serving in your purse to work or in your briefcase for a before meeting pick me up. Sudden Coffee can be purchased with a month-to-month subscription that can be cancelled or paused at any time. This definitely takes the hesitation away from giving this coffee a taste test for a month or two. Sudden Coffee Club - 8 cups

This coffee company is worth a glance for anyone with a busy lifestyle unwilling to forgo quality, savory coffee.