Grab. Gloss. Go.

I had the outstanding opportunity to collaborate with the woman-owned lip gloss company, Tight Lip’d. I was able to try out 4 varying shades of on-the-go lipgloss. These lipglosses come packaged in individual lip shaped packets for easy use. This lip gloss is perfect for any woman who enjoys looking polished while they’re busy chasing after their goals. I often have the dilemma of wanting to fit bulky lip products in my purse to reapply while I’m at work or running errands, however, due to their size, I make the choice not to take them with me. Tight Lip’d has completely solved that dilemma for me.

Let’s talk details about the lipgloss. Tight Lip’d is paraben free, cruelty free, is made in the U.S.A., AND comes in recyclable packaging. I mean, c’mon! It is beautifully pigmented and stayed on for hours without me having to reapply. It’s texture is smooth instead of tacky like many lipglosses I have experienced.

Their website highlights 4 pigmented shades ranging from a deeper berry pigment to a softer baby pink (pictured below). There are 3 purchasing options available for your shopping pleasure. You can choose to purchase 15 gloss strips and a clear zip pouch to hold them in for $12.99 or 20 gloss strips without a zip pouch for $12.99. The third option is for the gal who wants to dip her toes into this marvelous lipgloss world but only wants a sample. The sample lip gloss pack contains 1 of each of the 4 pigmented shade lipgloss strips.

Please check Tight Lip’d social media and website linked below!

Tight Lip’d Website: https://tightlipd.com

Instagram: @tightlipd