City Girl Coffee Co.


City Girl Coffee Co.

“Empowering Women of Coffee”

At first glance, City Girl Coffee Co. is a chic, modern take on coffee. Upon closer inspection, it is so much more. City Girl Coffee Co. is a Minnesota based coffee company specializing in raising awareness for equality of women. The company is a certified women owned business and proudly practices the values that it supports. The company also emphasizes being responsibly sourced and traded in fairness. With every coffee purchase, a portion of the coffee sale allows the support of non-profit organizations that empower women all over the world.

When receiving a promotional package from City Girl Coffee Co., I was thrilled to taste the coffee with such a beneficial story and cause behind it. Upon opening the package, I was given four different roasts, along with a City Girl Coffee Co. mug and cards that provided a bit more information about the company. The coffee bags that I received were “Blondie: Brazil Fazenda Helena”, “Breakfast Blend”, “Organic Guatemala Cafe Femenino”, and “Sumatra Adsenia Triple Pick”. Each of the blends had a distinct flavor combination mixed with the consistency of freshness with each one. The packaging of their coffee is aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. On the side of each bag of coffee, you will see origin information about that particular roast. Understanding and connecting where my coffee is being grown and who is growing shows a deeper level of commitment to the industry that I had not seen very often. To make the bag even more personalized and authentic, the bottom has the roast date on it so you can guarantee how fresh the coffee is!

City Girl Coffee Co. offers a wide range of purchasing options on their website. There are eleven diverse blends of coffee to chose from that range in options such as buying a whole bean roast, ground roast, singe serve cups, or a gift box set.

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